“I’m delighted with the advice I received from Kelsall Steele Investment Services, especially around the technical aspects of my SIPP. They explored every option and came up with a solution genuinely customised to my specific needs. Thanks to Lucien and the team, I’m on track to refurbishing my medical practice after all of these years.”

Truro, Corporate Client

I was confused about my original pension investments. The discussions I was having with the insurance company who originally set up my plan didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

My Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) included the building where I ran my medical practice, however there didn’t seem to be any reasoning behind this. I had been in contact with the insurance company on numerous occasions but they weren’t forthcoming in their explanations.

I wanted to know what I was paying for and to be able to communicate easily with my service provider. The medical practice was in need of refurbishment and required funding, which I had hoped to access through my SIPP.

Following the recommendation of a fellow medical professional, I contacted Kelsall Steele Investment Services for professional advice.

After a thorough analysis of my SIPP structure, including the underlying investments and management, we explored moving to another provider.

Lucien, my Kelsall Steele Investment Services Financial Planner, arranged an appointment with Curtis Banks so I could meet them face to face and receive direct answers to my questions – a refreshing change compared to my previous experience.

I elected to move my SIPP and Lucien also negotiated with them to secure funding for the refurbishment of my practice.

I’m happy with the support and service I’ve received from Kelsall Steele Investment Services. It’s much less stressful having easy access to information. I also understand what I’m paying for and I now have a comprehensive retirement plan.

I’m secure in the knowledge that my financial affairs are now in line with my requirements.