“Although our son had a stable job and a decent income, my wife and I wanted to help him onto the first rung of the housing ladder. We needed advice on the best way to access funding to help him buy a flat in London. Thanks to the team at Kelsall Steele Investment Services, everything is taken care of without negatively impacting our retirement goals.” 

Truro, Private Client

We wanted to help our son Rob to get on to the property ladder, however we soon realised that we might need some help ourselves.

Our son had a stable job with a decent income. He had been saving for years, but still found himself without enough money for a deposit on a home. As he had recently become engaged, we wanted to help him onto the first rung of the housing ladder.

At first we went through our finances ourselves. Unfortunately the picture wasn’t as bright as we had thought. We looked at our savings, pension portfolio and investments. We thought of cashing in our savings and investments but weren’t quite sure if this was the right approach.

After mentioning our situation to a friend, she recommended that we contact Kelsall Steele Investment Services so we could be sure that we had considered all our options.

During our initial meeting, our Financial Planner looked at our whole financial situation. Not only did he consider our aim of helping Rob onto the property ladder, he also asked us about our goals for retirement.

We quickly discovered that we didn’t have enough to cover a deposit on a property using our savings, however our Financial Planner was able to help us to find a solution. He suggested securing borrowing against our pension portfolio.

This proved to be a better solution than just using our savings. Our Financial Planner explained it meant we didn’t need to sell any of our assets and we would be able to keep our pension portfolio, allowing the investments held within the portfolio to run their course and reach maturity.

It felt great knowing we had been able to give our son an extra hand. We’re so grateful that Kelsall Steele Investment Services provided us with a solution that helped our son, whilst taking into account our retirement goals.