Higher workplace pension contributions on the way

New legislation has paved the way for important changes to automatic enrolment in workplace pensions. At the start of October, automatic enrolment in workplace pension schemes quietly celebrated its eleventh anniversary. The latest data (April 2021) from the Office for National Statistics shows that 79.4% of employees were members of workplace pension arrangements, a rise […]

Savings rates: don’t be caught in the numbers net

National Savings & Investments has launched two top of the savings league table one-year bonds, but the headline rates may not be your net return. The primary role of National Savings & Investments (NS&I) is “cost-effective financing for the government.” In the current financial year, NS&I has been charged with raising between £4.5 billion and […]

Tax is too complicated… say the legislators 

A parliamentary committee has been examining efforts to simplify tax, but progress is still a long way off.   Among other things, last year’s ill-fated ‘mini-Budget’ was notable for the swiftness with which Jeremy Hunt reversed most of the proposals it contained. The promise of reduced corporation tax and abolition of additional rate income tax went […]

Capital for new venture

“I’m so pleased we’ve been able to secure a less costly and more tax efficient source of lending. Kelsall Steele Investment Services explored every option and came up with a solution genuinely customised to our specific needs.” Truro, Corporate Client I sold my business a couple of years before I met my Financial Planner at […]

Bank of Mum and Dad

“Although our son had a stable job and a decent income, my wife and I wanted to help him onto the first rung of the housing ladder. We needed advice on the best way to access funding to help him buy a flat in London. Thanks to the team at Kelsall Steele Investment Services, everything […]

Understanding my SIPP

“I’m delighted with the advice I received from Kelsall Steele Investment Services, especially around the technical aspects of my SIPP. They explored every option and came up with a solution genuinely customised to my specific needs. Thanks to Lucien and the team, I’m on track to refurbishing my medical practice after all of these years.” […]

Tidying up my pensions

“Thanks to Kelsall Steele Investment Services I’m on track to reach my retirement goal. I also have a firm grasp of my pensions and their value, which is a huge relief for me. It is refreshing to deal with a professional company that is focussed on me, not purely on making a sale. My adviser […]

Understanding our IHT Liability

“We are totally at ease with Kelsall Steele Investment Services handling all of our financial affairs. They give us confidence that we are receiving solid, professional advice, at all times whatever our circumstances may be. Their collaborative approach, which involved referring us to their sister company of Chartered Accountants, ensured all aspects were considered. They […]

Supporting our employees

“We thoroughly recommend Kelsall Steele Investment Services. Our adviser displayed in-depth knowledge and provides a stellar service. From the start they provided invaluable technical guidance and support, helping us to facilitate a pension and employee benefits scheme for our company, with ongoing support and reviews on a regular basis.” Truro, Corporate Client We needed to […]

2021: six months down…

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The first six months of 2021 have been rewarding for investors, but the next six are uncertain. The first half of 2021 was a much less traumatic ride for investors than the first half of 2020. With hindsight, last November’s Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine breakthrough announcement gave investment markets a fresh momentum that continued through the first […]